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Naadam Festival Tour July 6-13, 2010

Tour itinerary
Tour Code: MF-1
Tour duration: 7 nights/8 days
Tour Dates: July 6-13

Day 1 July 6th
Arrival in Ulaanbaatar city. Meet and transfer to the standard hotel. Visit to Gandan Monastery Mongolian Buddhist center and see the Statue of the Migjid Janraisag God. It is 26 m high God gilded by a gold. Visit Zaisan Hiill to view Ulaanbaatar city. After lunch visit Natural History Museum it's very famous with its real dinosaur skeletons and fossils.
Accommodation in hotel.
Day 2 July 7th

BreakfastAfter breakfast start driving to Elsen Tasarkhai.It is a border place of desert forested mountainous steppe zones. Lunch is on the way. Before dinner reach in Elsen Tasarkhai. Accommodation in tourist camp.
Day 3 July 8th

Reach and visit to Kharakhorum ancient capital of the Mongolian Unified Empire back to the XIII century and Erdene Zuu Monastery, a monastery built back in 1586 using not a single nail.
Accommodation in tourist camp.
Day 4 July 9th
Breakfast. Drive to Khustain Mountain Range - Natural Reserve. Before dinner reach in tourist camp. Evening see wild horses.Overnight at the tourist camp.
Day 5 July 10th

Breakfast. Free time. After lunch drive to Ulaanbaatar. On the way see herdsmen who prepare their horses for Naadam Festival's horse racing. Accommodate at the standard hotel.
Day 6 July 11th
Naadam - ceremony After breakfast start tour the opening ceremony of the Central Stadium. Enjoy sports and cultural performances, including wrestling and archery contest.
Cultural program - Mongolian traditional folk songs & dance concert.
Day 7 July 12th
Khui Doloon Khudag - Ulaanbaatar (By car - 100 km) After breakfast drive to Khui Doloon Khudag to see horse racing. Lunch. Shopping. Visit Gobi Cashmere factory shop & State Department Store. Cultural program - Mongolian traditional folk songs & dance concert.
Accommodation in standard hotel.
Day 8 July 13th
Ulaanbaatar, After breakfast departure

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Per person
1-2 person
3-5 person

Dariganga Beautiful Oasis

Tour itinerary

Tour Code: CT-1
Tour duration: 13 nights/14 days
Tour Dates: May-October

Dariganga sum in the south east of Sukhbaatar province is by far the most interesting place to visit. Famous for its silversmiths and blacksmiths, friendly Dariganga is also where the sand dunes of the Gobi and grassy plains of the northern steppe. You will explore the lakes, volcanoes, mountains, sand dunes and ancient stones nearby.The skyline of Dariganga is dominated by Altan Ovoo(Golden Ovoo) , wide former crater topped by a new stupa, which only men are allowed to visit. The stupa was built in 1990 on top of the ruins of the original Bat Tsagaan stupa, which was built in 1820 and destroyed in 1937. In the area around Altan Ovoo, there are dozens of balbal. According to local tradition, you should place an offering of food in the cup help in the statue’s left hand. There are also three balbals known as the king, the queen and the prince, in the north edge of town. Near some hay sheds.The ruins of Ovoon Khiid can be seen in the south-east edge of town. Built in 1820, it housed 600 monks before it was burned to the ground. There are six lakes in the vicinity of Dariganga; all are part of the 28,000 hertare Ganga Nuur Natural Reserve. Three main lakes, Kholboo Nuur, Tsagaan Nuur, Ganga Nuur, are perfect for swimming and camping. The Magnificent Ganga Nuur is about 13km south-east of Dariganga. Between the start of August and the end of October, the lake is home to thousand of migrating swans. Along the shore, in a fenced compound, is delicious and safe spring water.The sand dunes in the region are known as Mongol Els( Mongol Sand) and stretch for 20km, coming to within walking distance of Daricanga.Shiliin Bogd MountainAt 1778m, Shiliin Bogd Mountain, about 70 km east of Dariganga., is the highest peak in Sukhbaatar Province. The extinct volcano is sacred to many Mongolians: the spirit of any man ( and man only) who climbs it, especially at sunrise, will be revived. There are plenty of Ovoo and awesome views of craters across the border to China, If you are camping , Shiliin Bogd offers one of the greatest sunrises in a country full of great sunrises.On the road between Dariganga and Shiliin Bogd past Ganga Lake, look out for the new statue of Tooroi Bandi, the “Robin Hood” of Mongolia, who had a habit of stealing the horses of the local Manchurian rulers, then eluding them by hiding near Shiliin Bogd Mountain. The statue, dedicated in 1999, pointedly faces China.Around Shiliin Bogd MountainTaliin Agui(cave of steppe), 15km north-west of the Shiliin Bogd Mountain, is one of the largest caves in Mongolia. If the ice covering the entrance has melted you can squeeze through the narrow entrance. The large, and a little claustrophobic, cave has seven chambers to explore. Khurguin Khundii is in a valley 40km west Shiliin Bogd Mountain, on the way back to Dariganga. Here a dozen or so ancient (pre-Chinggis Khaan) stone statues lay on the ground. The origins of these statues are debated: they are thought to either represent famous people from the region, or they were built to commemorate local women who jumped off a nearby mountain because they were forced to marry men did not love. These is a also Bichigtiin Skhakhaa, pretty canyon about 2km.

Day 1 Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and city tour After arriving in Ulaanbaatar , You'll be greeted at the airport and escorted to your hotel. After light lunch, take a city sightseeing tour including a visit Gandan Monastery with its huge gold plated Buddha, a symbol of Mongolian national pride and cultural revival. See the monks chanting, spin some prayer wheels and view the intricately embroidered thanks. Then discover the dinosaur skeletons and the renowned Camel Room at the Natural History Museum. Dinner and overnight in the hotel.
Day 2
Fly to Sukhbaatar province. Mongolian traditional meal for lunch on the way. Arrive late afternoon in Dariganga Sum, Famous for its silversmiths and blacksmith, friendly Dariganga is also where the sand dunes of the Gobi and the grassy plains of the northern steppe converge to create what looks like thousands of hertares of perfect natural golf courses.
Day 3, 4 After Mongolian traditional breakfast, beginning of the Enjoy Dariganga Beautiful Oasis. Visit a local nomadic family and learn about the nomadic lifestyle, and try traditional dairy products such as Aaruul, milky tea, and more. Overnight stay in Ger Camp.
Day 5 Drive to Khentii province. Lunch on the way and overnight in tent.
Day 6 Drive back to Ulaanbaatar and city tour options Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. You may choose a city tour where you can visit souvenir and cashmere shops before an evening concert of National Folklore. A farewell dinner and overnight in the hotel.
Day 7 Departure back MongoliaYou will be transferred from your hotel to the airport.

Tour price:
Per person
1-2 person
3-5 person