Visa information

Any foreign visitor wishing to enter Mongolia must have a valid passport and visa. Mongolian visas are issued by Mongolian Diplomatic Missions abroad or upon arrival at a special request. For all information related to consular matters (e.g.: visas, citizenship, etc.), please contact in person by telephone or E-mail the nearest diplomatic or consular mission of Mongolia.
The following materials are required to obtain Mongolian visa:
The visa issuing rules have been eased since 1997. Practically a 30-days tourist visa can be obtained from any Mongolian Embassy abroad (see the list) within 24 hours for approximately US$ 40.00. Additional fees are charged for urgent visa.Alternatively, those who travel from countries with no Mongolian mission present, can get visa either from the Mongolian Embassy in Beijing or Moscow , or at the arrival points: Buyant Ukhaa International Airport in Ulaanbaatar , Dzamyn Uud Railway Station on southern border or Sukhbaatar Railway station on the northern border Visitors staying longer than 30 days are required to apply for registration with the Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens. Visitors planning to stay for more than 180 days should obtain a long-term residence permission. Please beware that that procrastination with visa extension may result in several visits to the Ministry of External Relations and up to $ 5.00 fine for each day after visa has expired. Visitors are also advised to obtain proper transit visa from China or Russia . There were cases when foreigners who failed to secure two-time transit visa were denied entrance to these countries on their way back home from Mongolia . NOTE: USA citizens can travel now to Mongolia without visa, as a respective agreement was signed in 2001.
Documents needed to apply for Mongolian visa
1. Valid passport2. One passport sized photo3. Application form 4. Travel itinerary (if the visit is for more than 7 days) 5.
· Preferably, either an official invitation of the receiving entity -state, government, NGO, business entity or a request of the sending country and the organization.
· Or, for tourists wishing to stay over one week up to 90 days, a letter of invitation from a travel agency.
· Or, if you travel on a personal invitation of a Mongolian citizen, an invitation approved by the Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens of Mongolia, and applicant's written statement concerning your financial credibility to cover stay in Mongolia
· For those passing Mongolia in transit, onward ticket and visa for next destination
6. AIDS test required for students and anyone staying longer than 3 months.
Fees charged for Mongolian visa.A) Single entry-exit visa - US$25; for urgent service (within a working day) US$50, B) Multiple entry-exit visa valid for six months - US$65; for urgent service (within a working day) US$130,C) Multiple entry-exit visa valid for one year - US$130; for urgent service (within a working day) US$ 260D) Visa extension valid for one week - US$15; for urgent service (within a working day) US$30; US$2 per a day exceeding a week.List of countries that require no visa to visit Mongolia