We offer various tours to Queer people from all over the world who are interesting in visiting and exploring Mongolia and travel services such as car rental, guiding, hotel booking etc.,
We invites you to experience the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongols and offers adventure tours to familiarize guests with the unique Gobi desert-one of the most interesting and mysterious places in the world, with forested mountainous areas, diverse wildlife, vast steppes, and historical, religious and cultural remains of the country.

We will care for and do everything needed to satisfy our dear customers. In order to make our client’s travel more comfortable we will do our best and deliver high quality and well organized service.Our tour programs are carefully planned to include all remarkable sights and places of interest in Mongolia so we do hope you will enjoy.If you wish you can enjoy pleasant travel with us and visit many picturesque places located in the forest, Gobi and sites of great historical and cultural value,We can arrange you a new tour program throughout Mongolia complies with your requests and interests. Please contact us! E-mail